Is your Business Ready for the New Google Ai Search Experience ?




If you’re not careful, Google’s new AI search experience could decrease your traffic by 90%. Don’t worry—I’ve got your back! As an experienced marketer and tech consultant, I can help you come out on top.

The first Step is to analyze how the new Google search experience affects your industry. To do this, turn on Google SGE and in Google search for the keywords and phrases your target customers use, including long-tail questions generated by Google’s AI.

After Enabling Google SGE you can use AI to Generate Responses

Next take the questions, tips, and follow-up questions that come up and add them to an FAQ section on your website.

Take this AI generated content and build plug it into your website

Lastly to skyrocket your online presence, take these same questions and provide your unique perspective and insight by creating YouTube videos with the same questions as titles and tags. Doing this will double the digital real estate, increasing visibility and brand recognition.