Solving Problems Big and Small. One Project  at a time

Howdy, I’m David Reyes! I have been in the IT & Digital Marketing Industry for 12 years. It’s so fun and satisfying to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Having a growth mindset has allowed me to learn new skills and adapt even when facing adversity. Back in 2009, I taught myself to code HTML only after meeting with and convincing a car club to trust me to build them a website for their newly formed organization. Even in the beginning of my technical journey I was Project Managing! I met with their members to identify goals, set a budget, and decide a deliverable date. That was the beginning, I took payment and unknowingly broke into several industries by developing skillsets for a project I wasn’t qualified for yet.
Since then I have worked with several dozens of artists, business owners, creatives, and individuals who needed a creative solution to a problem. I have also developed in other areas. In 2017 I founded Bright Start Project, a nonprofit that brought on many lessons. Committing to that project’s mission meant adapting to a different industry entirely. It provided opportunities to build meaningful relationships as well as practice invaluable leadership and communication skills. I realize now that the exciting experiences I’ve had honed my skills to prepare me for my new career path.