Three Signs You’ve Outgrown Your DIY Website




Every day, new AI tools are released that promise to help build a perfect, seamless website, affordably or entirely free. While DIY website builders are a great resource when you are just starting your new business and on a tight budget- they only offer some of the support you’ll need to grow organically online. Using a free or low-cost website builder could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in wasted man/woman hours and even more money in the opportunity cost of lost potential revenue.

Your business website should be impressive, informative, convert, and align with your vision. If you started with a free and identify with these points, consider investing in a professionally designed website customized for your business.

1. People can’t find your business online

It’s common for business owners to learn that their website is not showing up in search results. The problem is that most free and basic website builders lack the advanced tools required to optimize their websites effectively for search engines like Google. Adding structured data to your website can be a complicated process that requires manual coding in most cases.

An expert can provide you with a solid keyword strategy and assist you with website optimization to increase your visibility on search engines.

2. You’re not booking clients through your website

If you’re not booking clients through your website, it’s time to upgrade your DIY website into a professional marketing machine that can consistently attract and convert qualified leads. While a pretty web platform might work as a place to send potential clients for more information, more is needed to achieve your business goals.

Free website builders are great for creating a simple site quickly and easily. Still, they often need to catch up to the essential developmental steps required to build a website that can convert visitors into paying clients. Only a professional web designer and strategist can analyze your target audience, their goals, and the desired user experience to create a website that converts visitors into paying clients.

3. Your website looks like a template and not a Brand

DIY websites often fail to make business owners feel that their site stands out, looks and sounds professional, or accurately represents their brand. Your website lacks strong branding and messaging if you can relate to these issues. These are crucial elements for a website that converts visitors into customers.