Digital Client Intake Implementation – Gold Dust

At Gold Dust, they strive to cultivate a community of culture and creative expression and bring multifaceted artists and art lovers together under one inclusive roof. Gold Dust needed an innovative solution to an age old problem in the tattoo world. Setting up a digital check-in/consent forms management system.




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Tattoo businesses are required to store consent forms for two years. If the business is consistently busy then organizing these documents and making sure they were filled out appropriately is a job on its own.

Clients can attach pictures or documents directly to their form, the check ins become a breeze and you no longer need to waste resources making copies of documents.

The digital solution saves physical space by storing files securely in the cloud. Also the clients cant submit the form unless all the required fields have been signed, initialed, or filled out to completion. 

How did going digital increased profits?

Not needing to print a copies of a picture IDs, liability forms for multiple services saved $ in the form of ink and paper. This new process reduced print expenses by $2,400 annually and recaptured time office admin spent during check-ins to manage online inquiries. 

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you might need this solution for your business if

You no longer want to chase clients around to be sure they filled out their forms.

You constantly train a new office assistant about documents.

You have boxes of stored info you aren't sure if you should throw out yet.